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If you would like to discuss a project, fill in the contact form below, or give me a call.

021 473 995

About me

I’m a self taught designer/illustrator with over 20 years experience, a never-ending passion for my craft and a curiosity that never rests. 

Over the years I have struck a happy relationship between my illustration and design work where my design background influences my illustrations, and my illustrations influence my design work. This has manifested in being able to become an effective editorial designer for magazines, create my own range of limited edition prints, greeting cards and stationery and most recently the creation of digital resources for designers and product developers.

I would describe my style as being eclectic and ever evolving. I’m inspired by artists both historic and contemporary, I love soft feminine and whimsical styles just as much as I love bold colourful creations and I have equal love for minimalism and maximalism.

If you are looking for a fiercely motivated designer, I would love to hear from you. Fill in the contact form and send me a message, and let's navigate through the jungle together.

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